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About AEDA

2007 - 2011

The Applied Environmental Decision Analysis hub (AEDA) was funded by the Australian Government's Commonwealth Environment Research Facility (CERF) programme between January 2007 and June 2011. The CERF programme was a $100 million initiative of the Australian Government to improve Australia's capacity to understand and respond to priority environmental concerns. The CERF program was administered by the Australian Government Department of Environment Water Heritage and the Arts.

The AEDA research hub brought together many of the world’s best quantitatively-oriented conservation ecologists, enabling these researchers to better collaborate on a range of our most pressing conservation issues. 

AEDA members were split between universities in Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne. As a group we have a proud record in both research and its application. In funding AEDA, the Commonwealth Government has provided our people with resources to increase the volume and quality of our research, improve interactions between our members and between us and the outside world (through workshops, newsletters and a variety of products), and enhance our interaction with environmental managers and policy-makers.

For more information and examples of AEDA's work, please see our Mid Term Review, created to showcase how AEDA is making a difference.  Independant assessment of our work was undertaken in February 2010.  The resulting report assessing AEDA's productivity,  research and possible future directions is availalbe HERE.

The future

AEDA's work has been able to continue thanks to further Australian Government funding from the National Environmental Research Program (NERP).  This has allowed us to include more research institutions to form the NERP Environmental Decisions Hub.  For full details about this new Hub, please go to our NEW WEB SITE.


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