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Welcome to the Applied Environmental Decision Analysis (AEDA) research hub, funded through the Commonwealth Environment Research Facilities (CERF) programme, an Australian Government initiative supporting world class, public good research between 2007 and 2010.

AEDA was established to develop tools and test methods to support transparent decision-making for environmental management. Where possible, we will also provided guidance for organisations wishing to use these new tools.

AEDA's work continues through further Australian Government funding through the National Environmental Research Program (NERP). This has allowed us to expand on AEDA's research team, including more world class research institutions to form the NERP Environmental Decisions Hub.

Whilst all the links below are still valid, to see where this work has led, please visit the NERP Environmental Decisions Hub web site.

AEDA focused on three areas of innovation (see our Research Themes page for a set of info sheets on each of these areas):


Examining why, what and how monitoring is carried out in order to ensure it is done effectively. This theme also examined how much money is spent on what.

Prioritisation and spatial planning

Research on how resources are best applied in issues such as designing reserves or allocating funds for the management of threatened species.

Environmental decision making

Investigating how we make decisions. This theme overarched everything AEDA did. How do groups of people come to make decisions?

The research done by AEDA underpined major natural resource management efforts such as state-of-the-environment reporting, ameliorating the impact of habitat fragmentation, water management, invasive and threatened species management and adapting to global warming.

Want to know more? The best way to keep up with the continuation of AEDA's work through the NERP Environmental Research Hub is to read our monthly magazine Decision Point. Each issue contains a smorgasbord of news, views and ideas on environmental decision making, biodiversity, conservation planning and monitoring. Decision Point is free and you can download it from our web site where you can also sign up for an email alert telling you when each issue is available.

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