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Ongoing 2010

Not a workshop, per se, but some great research to get involved with:

A study of long-term ecology research in Australia, organised by Kara Youngentob at AEDA's ANU hub

"On behalf of David Lindemayer and Gene Likens, I  would like to invite you to participate in a study of long-term ecology research in Australia.

If you are involved (or have been involved) in any long-term ecology study in Australia spanning 7 years or longer, please follow the link below to a website with more information about our project and how you can participate.

We also ask that you please forward this email to other researchers who may be able to participate in this study. As there is no current database of long-term ecological research in Australia, the success of this study depends, in part, on the assistance of fellow researchers.

Thank you in advance for your help."

Kara Youngentob, Research Fellow, Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University, Tel =61 2 6125 1035

July 2010 Marxan Introductory and Train-the-Trainer courses - IN CANADA!
 18 July 2010

Introduction to and applications of the systematic conservation planning software, Marxan and Marxan with Zones

Denpasar, Bali Indonesia. Instructors: Hugh Possingham (, Carissa Klein (

WORKSHOP IS NOW COMPLETE - but presentations are available for downloading HERE

26-28 July 2010

Introduction to and applications of the systematic conservation planning software, Marxan and Marxan with Zones

Sabah, Malaysia.  Instructors: Carissa Klein (

WORKSHOP IS NOW COMPLETE - but presentations are available for downloading HERE
28 January

AEDA Communication Day

In January 2010 AEDA researchers met with DEWHA staff in Canberra to present and discuss AEDA's work since it's inception in 2007, and to discuss possible future research directions.  Eight main areas were covered (see below), with time equally divided between AEDA's presentation, and discussion with DEWHA staff present.

It was an exciting day, with excellent attendance and some great discussions.  All powerpoint presentations and reference papers discussed area availalbe at

Start Description Speakers


8:30    Long-term monitoring David Lindenmayer
9:30    Optimal monitoring and return on investment Brendan Wintle
10:30    Strategic Landscape Planning Kirsten Parris
11:30    Trade-offs between CAR and Threatened species management
     for NFRS future acquisitions
Richard Fuller
12:30   Lunch  
13:30    Fire: Methods for resolving conflicting objectives and
    the capacity of research to support fire management decisions
Don Driscoll
14:30    Conservation in a carbon trading world Oscar Venter
15:30    Project Prioritization Protocol Liana Joseph
16:30    Marxan with Zones and other Marxan advances Matt Watts & Carissa Klein
17:30   Finish  




Friday 11 September 09

UQ & AEDA at the Brisbane Writers Festival

Professor Hugh Possingham, Dr James Watson and Mr Oscar Ventor, discussing "Tropical Forests on the Brink"

  Coral Triangle - Interests in Conservation & Planning
June 2009 Decision Theory for Conservation Biology: Theory, examples, techniques and practice - Grimsö Wildlife Research Station, Sweden


Fenner Conference on the Environment - the Art and Science of Good Environmental Decision-Making




Introductory and advanced Marxan courses were held in Brisbane during November 2008.
Full details of the courses, manuals, exercises and Marxan software downloads are available at


Multispecies Management Workshop, Brisbane, Queensland


CERF Conference 2008
Info-Gap Applications in Ecological Decision Making (5 Day workshop with Prof. Yakov Ben-Haim) Brisbane.

Coastal-Marine EBM Tools Training for Pacific Practitioners - presenters Prof. Bob Pressey, Ms Carissa Klein & Mr Matt Watts among others

Presentation on an Integrated Land-Sea Planning Toolkit and its use in Aransas County, Texas, by Kiersten Madden of the Mission-Aransas NERR, Amy Anderson of Placeways, and Ian Varley of NatureServe (September 22, 2009).  In this project, three decision-support tools (Placeways’ CommunityViz, NatureServe Vista, and NOAA’s Nonpoint-Source Pollution and Erosion Comparison Tool) were used in an integrated manner to develop alternative land use strategies that best meet ecological and socioeconomic sustainability objectives, including water quality and estuarine-marine resource objectives, for Aransas County, Texas,  Aransas County is a coastal county that supports a healthy estuary with diverse and rare habitats.  The county is experiencing rapid population growth, and the community is interested in protecting the quality of life, natural resources, and water quality.  This presentation described the project context, how the local community is involved in use of the toolkit, and methods for using the tools in an integrated manner.  A final product of the project is a toolkit that can be transferable to other locations and implementation guide.  This project was funded in part as an EBM Tool Demonstration Project by the David & Lucile Packard Foundation.  Download the recording of the presentation [Windows Media .wmv format].  If you are unable to download the recording, please contact us.


Introducing Marxan Training, Broome, Western Australia
Marxan Introductory Course, BRISBANE, Queensland
Market Based Instruments for Managing the Environment, Melbourne, Dr Sarah Bekessy, RMIT


Offsets, EPBAC and Threatened Species, Canberra ACT


Patch Dynamics & Conservation Planning, North Queensland
Systematic Spatial Prioritisation, Assessment & Planning, Brisbane, Australia


Baysian Statistics for Ecologists & Environmental Management, Dr Mike McCarthy, Uni Melb
Value and Impact of Ecological Field Research, Victoria, Dr Kirsten Parris


Climate Change & Biodiversity - Adaption in an Australian Context, Melbourne, Victoria

AEDA Melbourne Node Launch, Melbourne
Science & Policy, Communication Issues - Melbourne, Victoria


Marine conservation workshop - Orpheus Island




Marxan & MARZONE Training, Perth, W.A.
Introducing Marxan Training, Brisbane, Queensland. 


NRM Prioritization Workshop, Perth, Western Australia. - full information


Optimal and Robust Monitoring for Conservation and Natural Resource - full information

Info-Gap Theory and Its Applications in Biological Conservation at the University of Melbourne - full information


Systematic Conservation Planning workshop, conducted prior to the Society for Conservation Biology Annual conference (SCB2007) in Port Elizabeth, South Africa - full information


Restoration Ecology Workshop, Adelaide
Systematic Conservation is Not Just Planning (workshop), Sydney - full information


Landscape Restoration Mini Workshop - full information
MARZONE Training Course - full information
Environmental And Human Land-Use Variables Associated With Animal Movement In Urbanized Areas full information
Systematic Spatial Prioritisation Workshop, Bardon, Brisbane - full information

Optimising Threatened Species project in conjunction with the Department of Conservation, New Zealand (DOC NZ) full information


Marxan 101 Introductory Training Course full information


A Pelagic Conservation Planning workshop full information


Jervis Bay Development meeting full information


23 November

Decision Support Systems - Practitioner Workshop - full information


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